by StoneLungs

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Listen as the world goes.


released September 27, 2016



all rights reserved



StoneLungs is the creative outlet of an artist with stone lungs and a broken silver tongue. In all of this, I hope some of it resonates with you.

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Track Name: Ashes
The Earth is not a place to fight it on your own
The cold will seep the purest fire from your bones
Hide inside yourselves don't try to leave your homes
There's sickness in the mind and it leaves you alone
Run through. As if a clown prince
burned down, way past your acid wrists
We're all forgetting how to just exist
Please resist the urge and promise to persist
Caught in the chains of this town, am I free
Cause I'm under the waves will I drown indefinitely
I'm asking myself if it's over now
how long will it take my life to rebound, enemy
Bow, at your now renown autocracy
a government built on insanity pleas
With eyes, wide, you die lost in a screen
slowly we're giving up all of our dreams

Losing it

Losing it
lost in it

Step, out, down through the last of the maze
look, out, don't let yourself drown in the haze
Lost out
Lost in a blaze
Lost out
Lost in a blaze

The fire is out
The ashes remain
Don't choke on the smoke raining on your parade
This fire and brimstone, they don't need to stay
This civilization won't take you today
Run from the pain, run far away
Run so they don't know it hurt you this way
Face down the lion and rip off its mane
Every battle won't go down the same
Face down the lion and rip off its mane
Look at yourself decide who will reign
Track Name: Black Hole
All along I've been caught up
In a past I can't control
I'm trying hard to just let go

Every thought that's in my head
Is falling victim to a black hole
I don't know where it goes

All along I've been caught up
In a past I can't control
I'm trying hard to just let go

In a sea of thoughts
the currents pull me down
eventually I'm caught
by a thought that makes me drown
More like a dream than a memory
Down in the eye of infinity
This black hole, the death of me
holding on to a chance of recovering
Storm clouds set in
Horizon lines blend
Static charges on the skin
My brain begins to bend
Everything falls apart
Until I hold your hand

Cause I'm a bit of a mess and
you, are, all of my best parts
you are my best parts

Hey girl, be careful with my halo
I'm a little damaged here so maybe we could take it slow
I was hoping maybe we could lay low
far under the stars and listen as the world goes

It had never been so dark, I was eaten up by space
I lost all sight of stars, felt lost without a trace
I don't remember how I ended up in that place
I only did my best to catch a glimpse of your face
I've been asking myself when to leave
and when to care

Cause I'-

I feel your hand in mine
I close my eyes
I try not to listen
to the shifting sands of time
We all need
A place where we can fly free
You and me
We're pulled off by the breeze
I hold your hand in mine
Then pull you in so tight

when I, struggle it's a nightmare
I'm asking that you please don't stare

Cause I'm a bit of a mess and
you, are, all of my best parts
you are my best parts
Track Name: Wilderness
Listen to the wilderness
The peace calls you to rest
Let the beauty flow out from your chest
Track Name: Golden
I've been caught up trying to get to sleep
Lately I've been dying to get stone lungs to breathe
Pouring out my heart and soul into this whole ep
If my soul should leave you at least it's a look at me
Compressed because I just don't care
depressed because I really do
If you want to tear my heart in two
Tell me all my fears were really true
I live a double life, the person I portray
Contradicts the thoughts that I rarely ever say
I live inside a cell of self
a broken shell where none can tell
that every word that I will spell
is forged in fires of my hell
I am the smith I am the knight
I arm myself against the light
the sun will rise but I will fight
to make it right
I am a wizard I am a thane
I charm the sun to shine in rain
the night will fall and I remain
making sure my kingdom stays
(stupid games I play)
complex thoughts don't really pay
but at least they get me through the day
this introspection forces me
to say
(Stay golden)
Stay golden, stay awake
Stay strong through your mistakes
Stay away from all the thoughts you know will make you break
Life is quick and life is cruel
But life is also beautiful
Treat you like a king at the same time make you a fool
It's not as crazy as you think
Pull yourself back from the brink
Just hold yourself and sit and let the silence sink
The past is not your problem
The future not a promise
Give in to the calmness, make the most of all your moments
When everything you ever knew
turned out to be only half true
Move along with all the sharks, force yourself to continue
Wipe the tears from your eyes
Pull the string off your disguise
Accept yourself and make the most of your life

I'll never know how light seeps into your eyes
I'll never know the way you experience your life
I'll never know if we'll do more than just get by
But promise me you'll say I love you and goodbye

Stay golden
Track Name: Ashes (Instrumental)
Track Name: Black Hole (Instrumental)
Track Name: Wilderness (Instrumental)
Track Name: Golden (Instrumental)