by StoneLungs

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Losing myself in the art.


released August 31, 2016

Created by StoneLungs



all rights reserved



StoneLungs is the creative outlet of an artist with stone lungs and a broken silver tongue. In all of this, I hope some of it resonates with you.

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Track Name: Stars
A broken foot on tempered glass
temptation walks a weathered path
from below the beaten sand
comes hungrily a reaching hand
While travelling discovered lands
We disappointed shaky plans
Draping from a snaking branch
A birthing noose begins to hatch
Don't tell me that you can't begin to listen to your heart again
If you were trying you would find it screaming out within
Searching out the middleman a dizzied head will slowly spin
Living out a melody like snapping strings on violins
laying on the island
entertaining thoughts of violence
Had you thought to hide this
You could have escaped the childish
Don't be afraid to brandish
your opinions you can manage
the merging of the marriage
all your hell begins to perish
commissioning a picture, promise you I'll never vanish
Every time I miss her, have to force myself to action
Promised that I'd banish all the feasting and the famine
Level out my heart and start chasing down a passion
Staring at a quasar, losing myself in the art
of interstellar expeditions to achieve the stars

As I lay down on the clouds
This gravity can't bring me down
I'm burning with a fired crown
These stars will never burn me out

The dark and black is burning white
my irises bleeding the light
I'll never face the fight or flight
I'm limitless as satellite
infinite or definitely cannot see the end of it
From way up here a heart has never seemed more delicate
How I love the innocent but entropy is immanent
Intimate in spirit fuelled by the indefinite
Staring at a quasar, losing myself in the art
I'm forging my eternity I'm one with the stars
Track Name: Sitadel
I've been sleeping with the devil in my bed because
Unless I'm in between the sheets everything I see is red
and I've been sleeping with a monkey on my back
for I'm Addicted to the feeling of being under attack
I've been sleeping with skeletons in my closet
hiding dirty little secrets that I'm only halfway honest
I've been sleeping with only one eye closed
cause I've been feeling so naked underneath my clothes

I've been all alone inside a cell I call my home
Counting down the days til I cave away this cornerstone
You're breaking down the doorway
Bend the bars and reach to pull me away

I've been sleeping with a thousand different thoughts
Each one reminds me more of the battles you have fought
I've been sleeping with the hopes of staying down
But I wake up as soon as your echoes come around
I've been sleeping so much less lately
I'm so worried I'll destroy us both with all my worrying
I've been sleeping with only one eye closed
cause if you decide to go I'm still watching for your ghost

I've been all alone inside a cell I call my home
Counting down the days until I cave away this cornerstone
I see you down the hallway
Bend the rules, reach through to pull me away

I've been sleeping
But I'm not getting rest
I've been sleeping
Like the heart inside my chest
I've been sleeping
So I don't have to be awake
I've been thinking
maybe it's time that starts to change

I've been all alone inside a cell I call my home
Counting out the ways I caved away my cornerstone
I've been sleeping all alone
I've been thinking on my own
I've been feeling sticks and stones
I've been bleeding out at home
I've been sleeping all alone
I've been sleeping all alone
I'm here sleeping all alone
Track Name: Bandages
Counting countless parts of me I'm lying so courageously
Honestly, I think I owe myself an apology
How can we all be blindly following, solemnly, we all gave up our autonomy
Caught up in traditions, that clash against our freedoms
We fight a case against ourselves with our own made up reasons
When the shoulders get cold, we stand outside freezing
There's no growing together for there's always fear of treason
Pick a side, choose a uniform there is no in between
There's no other way for you to make it in this scene
Say goodbye to yourself and goodbye to your dreams
Welcome to the world where there is no make believe
When the lights all flicker out and you've got nothing left to see
Promise that when it all goes down you'll still remember me

It's so dark and cold inside this shell you call a soul
If you even wanted could you crawl out of this hole?
No one else is here, it's only me and you
I am the voice inside your head that slowly eats at you
It's so hard to live inside a world of doubt
when every word out of your mouth escapes to bring your own self down
Now, how could you let yourself drown, think about the scar you leave upon your hometown
They say it's better in the morning but you wake up even worse
Simply call it curse and idly think about a hearse
When your eyelids flicker back and you remember all these words
Does a promise mean anything if you're the only one that heard?

The sun is so far gone and so I can't be here for long
I don't even know if everything I say is wrong
I've thought about this for my whole lifelong
How can I convey that I just wanted to belong?
I stand outside against the rain
Feeling every drop against the skin
I think of every word I say
And whether I'd say them again
Track Name: Goodbye
Track Name: Stars (Instrumental)
Track Name: Sitadel (Instrumental)
Track Name: Bandages (Instrumental)